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WFHP Executive Health & Pediatricare

Posted last May 3, 2012, 1:40 am in Health report article

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The founder vowed to dedicate her life to fight human suffering in the developing world. After a near death experience she realized the importance of living life to its fullest and overcoming disability. She grew up in a family of doctors serving as directors of UNICEF and has seen the world from the luxury of private jets and UN compounds to surviving with no medical care, running water or electricity in tribal villages.  She created the first schools and medical clinics in many indigent communities across the globe. She now spends her time as an occupational therapist, implementing small business projects and training local communities and governments on how to help populations with special needs. “We need to stop children born with disabilities from being killed off and instead learn to integrate them into society helping to nurture, protect, and allow them to grow into contributing members of society. This can only be done with an educational system that is built to help children with special needs.” The founder’s mission is to provide counseling for people, offering the first internationally recognized virtual therapy practice of its kind. 

The founder has always has a business entrepreneurship sense to her. Just after secondary school she founded her first company providing swim therapy under the direction of the Red Cross and American Heart Association, which soon spread across the US and abroad. She then traveled to Phuket, Thailand to rescue tsunami victims and provide therapy under the watch of BBC and joint efforts with IKEA. In Ghana with the assistance of the Salvation Army and Wheel Chairs for the World, The founder worked to rescue children who were literally hidden in holes in the ground because of cerebral palsy. The founder has worked for UNICEF in Senegal during the rebel war outbreak as bombs exploded and her plane nearly crashed, risking her life to assist women in a battlefield fraught with land mines and machete wielding insurgents while facing her own struggle with Ecoli. She has also led mental health therapy sessions for the US Government Veterans’ Affairs for vets returning from the gulf war. She founded the first farmers market on the Veterans’ Administration premises that educates the public about the returning Gulf War veterans. She has worked for the US Embassy on a Peace Corps Small Business Women’s project in exporting gorgeous handmade rugs of the Berber people in Ain Leuh, Morocco, open their first school and medical clinic.

What has the founder learned? “When we give of ourselves at the most vulnerable times in our life to help others in need this is the greatest gift; to look outside of our problems and be at peace in the world. Walking up 90 flights of steps to fetch water, living in a mud hut with no running water and no electricity was not easy in her time of need but kept her going and she did not give up as her world seemed to be crumbing around her. Her most recent projects have been in Singapore during the summer flood relocating children with special needs and helping to open a special occupational therapy school. She was flown into Dubai to help mothers of children suffering from Autism set up special schools so their children could learn instead of languishing at home.

The founder studied sensory integration and Brain Gym with its founders in Cape Town South Africa. She then went into Kruger national park working with Jane Goodall, a National Geographic World Heritage Site, comparing human interaction and chimpanzee interaction to better understand disability. She is nationally recognized as a Child Development Special Education Teacher. Educated in the USA, she expanded her horizons becoming the first medically accredited occupational therapists throughout the world, licensed in EU, Africa, Asia, and Middle East. She is world renowned for giving lectures on overcoming disability and integrating people with special needs into society, driving the passage of access accommodation laws, counseling people, and setting up community medical and educational facilities. She has had over two decades of experience in her field, as she was lucky enough to find her calling in life from an early age. The founder has had a profound impact on saving the world, she has vowed to dedicate her life to helping others.

“May no one ever be left behind, nor feel alone in this world. I am always here for you. Let our voices be heard, let us reach our full potential in life and let us guide you so you are never alone.” Her story should echo around the world, for all to hear.

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Training:   Some very special people Dr Kara has had the privilege of working with towards studying and bettering children and adults with special needs are Temple Grandin (Autism), Jane Goodall (Human vs. Chimpanzee Development), Marcelle Sherman (Brain Gym), Linda Mood Bell (cognitive educational therapy and speech therapy), Erna Blanche (Jane Ayres Sensory Integration), Isabelle Austin (UNICEF Emergency Recovery Services), Dr Barry (President of Susan Komen Foundation, President of American Cancer Society) and by Author Sorrell (Doctors Without Borders Emergency Health Care).  

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